Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 2

Well I am now in to my third week in the land of gods, olives, wine and most important, feta cheese!!!Today is a bank holiday, so no work for me! although i do only do three hours on a tuesday normally! So i have been doing marking while sipping coffee in the very Greek starbucks in Kalithea, where we live! I also came face to face with a giant grasshopper on our balcony, and died a pair of my lovely river island jeans that were pink a kind of mouldy blu colour. So far so good.

Life in Greece so far has been a mixed bag. Being Athens itself would be the most intimidating experience had I not been here so many times before. I remember on my second vsit to the city, wondering why everyone was so unhelpful, they wouldnt help with directions and watched me struggle with my many bags when i arrived on the metro. But everytime, it got better, picking up the tiniest amount of Greek, getting used to the city set out in bloacks, and enjoying the challange of finding my way around all the tiny side streets. This time around the city feels more accepting, and I am relisghing the chance to learn more greek, which is happening from siting during coffee breaks atschool in the staff room while the rest of the teachers speak Greek around me.Ah the job...I like my job a lot. They are good kids, and actually I feel English children have got it sooooo easy. They can be naughty, but I put on teacher voice and its fine!

This weekend, we went to Mao Club, which was brilliant. A friend of ours was doing a set there, and so we had gone along to support him. WE were on the guest list and had the best seat in the house. Now in Greece, if you have a table at a place like this, you are expected to spend certain amount on drinks, so a bottle of vodka it was! I tell you if my girls had been there with our drinking games, i would have been even more wasted! Although not sure if the Greeks would enjoy a rendition of 'Whats the name of the F**king game!' I got in at 5 am, early really! Was a really good night, and played good mix of music, r and b, hip hop, greek music, and dance music!On saturday night, we went for dinner and a 'quiet quick' drink in Gazi,haha! quick and quiet it was night, in fact we spent the night dancing away in Soho, until some sleazy men frightened us away, we headed to gazaki.

The weekends are good, especially when we go out, Sundays are bad when the hangover kicks in and i miss sunday mornings with hollyoaks and peanust butter on taost. It's getting better slowly but surely, I am sure when the end of May rolls around, I'll be clinging to the tarmac at the airport begging to stay!xxxx

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