Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 1

I miss everyone all so very very much. Just the fact that I cannot just call you is rubbish. My laptop does not pick up the internet so I have to borrow my flatmates at the moment, so i am feeling a little bit cut off from the world.

So far, I have a had a bit of a hectic time, but its much better for me when i am busy!I started work on Monday, I made ane xcellent impression by being 20 mins late because i got totally confused and lost, so many little streets!!! anyway after that it was ok. I work at two different schools, bot with in walking distance. I have MOn, weds and fri with one school and tues and thurs with the other. they are all the same but just in two different ares! I teach students from 12 to 18 at the moment. they are very excitable, especially the younger girls they say 'miss, i like your nails'...'miss, i like your pencil case'...'miss, are you married???' these are mainly my 12 yr olds that are like this. but so far they seem like good kids, just need to be shouted at occassionly but they are so eager to learn! My class with 18 yr olds is very hard going, they are only just learning, and it is harder cos they are older. i have to speak very slowly. there is one girl called Christine who i really like, she stayed after class to talk to me last night. I have a class of just 4 boys, they are very good, and seem to be very nice, except when they ask questions about grammer, that make me go, what?!?!?!?They have given me 28 hours at school, but i have just asked my boss to cut down my hours, as i am working until 10 pm most nights, and 10.30 on some others. so watch this space - i might end up losing my job!!!!!!

My apartment is really nice, i am living in a family block, the lady Gallini is lovely and very helpfull. it is two bedrooms, our rooms look lovely, and the living room has nothing in it! but my bedroom is looking more and more like home, photos everywhere, and even my sex and the city poster!!!!Even though I am in Greece it doesnt feel like a different country, other than not being able to read what i am buying in the supermarket.its just the people i miss from england ( and the animals!!) if you were all here, it would be perfecto!!

So I just thought I would let you know everything that has been happening. it is very exciting, but i am so homesick, very teird and continually stressed at the moment. i can't wait to see you whether you are coming to greece, or if it will be at christmas. every evening i am like when will christmas get here, and the same in the mornings, but i know its just something that i need to give time. I think on Tuesday night, we had a small earthquake, its not unusal, but as i am not sleeping verywell, i could feel it as my bed was shaking!!!!!!!

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