Monday, March 16, 2009

Lost in Limbo

Spring time has certainly arrived in Athens. It makes me feel alive, there is something about the Sun, many people will agree, no matter where you are, having the sun out, and feeling it's warmth on your skin, makes the word seem like a better place.

Saturday, two of my friends, T and L, took me on my first trip to the Cinema here in Athens. We met for lunch first, and ate in Greek style, where you share everything. I felt a bit off balance, I'm not used to doing this, unless I'm stealing chips from my boyfriend's plate. But I just got stuck in, and it was all good. We had loads of yummy entrees, salads, and a platter which had sausages and ribs on it. All very tasty.

After we had feasted, we made our way to the cinema. The cinema we went to was not a multiplex, but an old theatre that had been converted in to a cinema. We saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was brilliant, I had the best time. Me and T then saw L off, and went on for a drink, before going our separate ways.

I am beginning to feel confused. I love these days that I spend with my friends, doing normal things, just like I would in England. I still miss my family and friends, but I enjoy it. And yet, half the other time, I just feel a bit empty. I wake up and it's pot luck on which emotion is hanging around.

One thing is for sure, I am finding out loads about myself, I'm not sure I will ever do this type of thing again, I think I would rather travel around somewhere, but I'm getting to grips a little bit more.

Now if people would just stop staring at me like I'm an alien, I could do anything!

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