Tuesday, March 10, 2009

T Saves The Day xx

On Saturday I got my gladrags on and ventured out to Gazi to celebrate T's name day. I love Gazi, its one of my favourite places. My first encounter was on a very random night in Athens.

I had planned to come to Athens back in June 2008, firstly to see my friend A , and secondly to find out more about doing the CELTA course. However, things with A took a very unexpected turn , and I found myself in Athens all my own, and unsure as to what I was doing here. I still went to my interview, and the lady told me that there was another English girl who had just arrived in Athens who was on her own too. She took my number and passed it on. Little did I know, that this girl, B, was to be my flatmate in a mere years time! As they say, everything happens for a reason! Anyway B and I arranged to meet up and go for a drink, a drink turned in to many drinks, and we somehow found ourselves in Gazi, where we also met friends that we still have! It was a slightly crazy night, but we loved it! Hence, Gazi always holds a special place.

So, I have little, well no experience of Name Days. I don't know how they are celebrated. The only thing i do know, is that this is when the children bring sweets to school to celebrate. My first faux pas was that I turned up empty handed. I felt very embarrassed, but my friend didn't seem to think anything of it. After all, I am English, I am unaware of things until people tell me.

The night was so so much fun. The wine was flowing, everyone was so friendly. We drank, we danced, and I particularly enjoyed the cheese platter that was making the rounds! It was practically being back in London, I knew of some of my friends who very much enjoy a cheese and wine evening!

I woke up on Sunday and felt excited, basking in the thought that 1 I was not hungover, and 2, that I may have finally started to make some friends.

I'm beginning to think that Athens is sometimes like a secret club, and the only thing you need is one person to let you in, and for this, I will always be eternally grateful to T xx

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